Adam C.

"I had an Alygn Distance Healing (Alygn Reiki is Kesaine's signature Reiki) session for 30 minutes with Kesaine, and...WOW. First of all, I want to preface this review by saying that Reiki is new to me. I'm interested in all forms of metaphysical, holistic, natural, and energetic methods of healing and sending light + love.
Kesaine made the process of setting up my session and knowing what to expect going into it, a SEAMLESS dream. The person-to-person connection with Kesaine means a lot and I could tell this is why her clients love her + keep coming back. She was thorough in explaining what a Distance Reiki session is like, what to expect going into it, suggestions on what I could do to best receive Reiki during the 30-minute session, and furthermore, what to expect afterward.

Post-session, I received an email from Kesaine within 60 minutes. This email was hands-down one of the most accurate + HONEST attunements of my chakras + mental state of being I've ever read. Kesaine identified for me exactly which of my chakras could use some extra love and HOW to do this with tools (if one chooses to do so), or mantras.

During my session, I could actually feel the Reiki touching my chakras as she sent Distance Healing to me. I felt buzzed when the 30 minutes were over. The main takeaway I kept thinking in my head was, "I'm EXACTLY where I need to be right now." As a result of this session, my vibration has lifted. I'm using my crystals more to help clear + heal my blocked chakras.

Kesaine also provides an Oracle Card with guidance in this follow-up email assessment. If I could show the world just how spot-on accurate the advice on this oracle card was for me, it'd be a happier place hehe. :-) The guidance couldn't have been more accurate or timely.
Once you're on the Reiki ride, it's almost impossible to think of life without it. TRUST ME on this. When your vibration rises, everything around you has to MATCH that vibration...and I want to continue working with Kesaine on not only Reiki-charging myself...but to grow as a person.
A+ for this business! All the way. Kudos to Kesaine for being a true healer and advocate for personal growth."

Malaika D.

"I've had the pleasure of doing a long-distance Reiki healing session with Kesaine and it was a warm, soothing experience which left me calmly introspective. Kesaine's gifts lie in her open and compassionate manner. I found that she was very intent on offering the most value from her giving heart. For all of these reasons, I am eager to do an in- person session with Kesaine very soon! If you are looking for a safe space, healing, true empathy book a session with Kesaine.

"I had that in-person session with Kesaine and it was completely worth the wait! It was a gentle, relaxing experience which left me a little spacey at first (in a good way) and then, my day seriously just got better from there!  I noticed that I was in amazing spirits for the rest of the day and felt a grounded sense of peace. I'm still thinking about it a whole day later."

Belle G.

'Kesaine is fantastic! I had the pleasure of receiving a one question astrology reading from her, and she was very precise in her explanation of the chart. I've now had two reiki sessions with Kesaine, and they have been wonderfully healing. I'm so happy I found such an amazing healer to work with! Kesaine is the real deal."

Taneka H.

"Kesaine's reiki sessions are a dream come through! I work in a high-stress Corporate environment and studying for one of the most difficult exam, the GMAT. After a while the consequences of the constant grind and hustle with no breaks up caught up to me: I started to get really bad margarine and lower back pains. This was a wake-up call that I needed to switch things up. It is great how the universe works, as soon as I made up my mind to get better I was introduced to the concept of reiki. I decided to trust Kesaine to do my reiki treatments because I could tell from our interactions that her life purpose is to heal others. I really love her energy; she's so warm and loving. I've done a few long distance reiki sessions with Kesaine and it has truly made a difference. My migraines and back pains are less frequent, I'm feeling a lot more centered and relaxed. I'm definitely continuing my reiki sessions with Kesaine."

Lisa S.

"Kesaine gave me a wonderful reiki session! It was amazing and I felt her energy right away. I would recommend her services to everyone!"

Lo L.

"Honest, Reliable & Helpful! I've had distance reiki healing, astrological & tarot readings from Kesaine over the years and have always  been pleased with her services."

Yolanda T.

"Kesaine provided an astrological chart reading for me and I was blown away.  I now have clarity on many issues and learned about my other signs-had no idea!   This has confirmed so many unanswered questions about my behavior patterns. I am thankful that her knowledge has provided me with the guidance I needed!"

Alice J.

"I was referred to Kesaine by a friend. I was a bit hesitant before as I had never received a reiki attunement. I was very impressed by my session. I left feeling revived! Kesaine is a great healer who is also a very compassionate and knowledgeable reiki healer! Love, love, love her! Will definitely come back for more sessions!

Kesaine also is an astrologer!! I opted to get a reading for her when she mentioned she is a horary astrologer! Having never heard of horary astrology before, I chose to try out the horary reading as well. She did a horary chart for me about a personal matter and her reading was accurate! I was amazed at how knowledgeable and insightful she is!

Kesaine is a very talented soul!"

Liz J.

"Kesaine is a very talented reiki healer! Her reiki sessions have brought me to tears as she's opened up my chakras. Loved all my sessions!"

Huich I.

"I had a much needed distant reiki session with Kesaine. I'm going through a lot of change in my life, moving cross country, opening up my own business and as open as I am to the change, it's still draining my energy. Kesaine picked up on this and reset me! She refreshed my chakras and cleared me to receive all the abundance around me! Kesaine is a gift, she will gently guide you to wherever you need to be, you just have to be willing. She is a beautiful soul, if you're looking for any guidance or healing, let her be the messenger for you."