So what exactly is reiki?  Reiki is a form of energy healing that is administered through non-invasive touch (hands on, hands off). Developed over 100 years ago, reiki has since been used by many people, many cultures, in many countries, etc,  as a form of self-care. It is also commonly used to clear blockages and raise vibrations. This healing modality is able to help unblock energy with the guided help from a reiki practitioner's energy flow to each of the 7 chakras in our bodies—stay tuned for my series on chakras. It's one of the best ways to re-align your mind, body and soul. Whatever your body needs, reiki will provide.

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What are the benefits of Reiki? Reiki is commonly known for it's relaxing and stress reducing abilities but there are quite a few possible benefits that can be felt after just one session. Some of those benefits include:

  • Emotional clarity and spiritual growth

  • Supports the immune system

  • Clears toxins

  • Pain relief

  • Grounding and centering

  • Self love

  • Inner peace

A typical session with me includes the usage of sound bowls crystals, aromatherapy, and pendulums. These practices together help boost energy flow. At the end of a session I give an assessment of any impressions, and make recommendations for keeping up energy flow.

New to reiki? Still need more information? Check out my offerings below to book a free 15 minute consultation to get all your questions answered, and find out if reiki's the right healing tool for you.

Healing Sessions & Packages

Single In-Person Healing Session

If you’ve experienced reiki before and just need a quick boost, or if you want to try reiki for the first time, a  single session can give you whatever you need in the moment. Typically, deeper issues need multiple sessions to resolve and heal.

Each session includes:


Intention setting

Energy Healing

Feedback and Spiritual Guidance

45 minute – $55 75 minute  – $111

Remote Healing Session

Reiki energy can be transferred whether you're in the same room as the practitioner or not. In some cases distance healing can be more effective than an in-person session. If you're traveling, at work, or simply unable to set up a time to meet with me, this option is perfect for you! Depending on your needs, distance sessions can be done via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

45 minute – $66

Reiki for Children:

Is your child suffering from anxiety, overwhelmed, behavioral issues, emotional trauma, or chronic health issues? Children are highly sensitive and pick up on the energy around them, easily absorbing negative energy patterns that are not theirs and do not serve them. This can be deeply affect children, especially because they don’t have the experience or skills to deal with their feelings or protect themselves from outer influences that have negative impacts on them. This energy healing package helps clear the child’s energy field of unwanted patterns and energies, as well as bring the chakras back into balance. It also helps them understand they are not helpless and do have a lot of control over their well-being. Young children absorb the Reiki energy much more quickly than older kids or adults and therefore need much less time.

2-6 years old 4—15 minute sessions $77

7-11 years old 4—30 minute sessions $155

12-15 years old 4—45 minute sessions $233

16-18 years old 4—60 minute sessions $311

*Children with contagious illnesses can receive remote sessions from the comfort of their home.

Cosmic Divination & Spiritual Guidance

Have a direct yes or no question? I can provide clarity by using a combination of an astrological chart of the moment + your natal chart to provide an answer, along with numerology and oracle cards for guidance.

60 minutes via phone-$100

Mini Email Reading- $25

Private Event- Please contact me for a quote.

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued for payments made prior to cancellation.

**We offer pay what you can session’s for those who are experiencing financial hardships.

**10% off your next session for client referrals