So what exactly is reiki?  Reiki is a form of energy healing that is administered through non-invasive touch (hands on, hands off). Developed over 100 years ago, reiki has since been used by many people, many cultures, in many countries, etc,  as a form of self-care. It is also commonly used to clear blockages and raise vibrations. This healing modality is able to help unblock energy with the guided help from a reiki practitioner's energy flow to each of the 7 chakras in our bodies—stay tuned for my series on chakras. It's one of the best ways to re-align your mind, body and soul. Whatever your body needs, reiki will provide.

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What are the benefits of Reiki? Reiki is commonly known for it's relaxing and stress reducing abilities but there are quite a few possible benefits that can be felt after just one session. Some of those benefits include:

  • Emotional clarity and spiritual growth

  • Supports the immune system

  • Clears toxins

  • Pain relief

  • Grounding and centering

  • Self love

  • Inner peace

A typical session with me includes the usage of sound bowls crystals, aromatherapy, and pendulums. These practices together help boost energy flow. At the end of a session I give an assessment of any impressions, and make recommendations for keeping up energy flow.

New to reiki? Still need more information? Check out my offerings below to book a free 15 minute consultation to get all your questions answered, and find out if reiki's the right healing tool for you.

Reiki Healing Home Session (90 Minutes)-Experience a powerful energy healing session that will leave you feeling cleared, relaxed, and grounded. During this at home session I incorporate crystals, pendulums, and oracle cards. This session also includes a meditation, breath-work, intention setting, and your very own mantra. To close, I will provide you with your personal prescription which includes that will help to keep energy flowing beyond the session. $155

Remote Reiki Healing (45 minutes)-Reiki energy can be transferred whether you're in the same room as the practitioner or not. In some cases distance healing can be more effective than an in-person session. If you're traveling, at work, or simply unable to set up a time to meet with me, this option is perfect for you! Depending on your needs, distance sessions can be done via Zoom or Skype. $66

Reiki For Children (30 minutes)-Are your kids overstimulated and over-scheduled? Are they experiencing anxiety, stress, or fatigue? Help your little ones get centered and grounded with a 30 minute reiki session. Please note, I only work with children who want to try reiki for themselves. $22

Cosmic Divination & Spiritual Guidance (45 minutes)-Have a direct yes or no question? I can provide clarity by using an astrological chart of the moment to provide an answer, along with numerology and oracle cards for guidance. $55

Private Event- Please contact me for a quote.

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued for payments made prior to cancellation